Posted on Nov 26, 2019

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What Charges Do I Face If I Have Been Arrested For Domestic Violence?

Depending upon the facts of the case, you could be charged with several different crimes. There are two misdemeanor forms of domestic violence crimes and also a felony charge for more serious allegations. The least severe is the B misdemeanor domestic violence charge, which is an offensive touching. The A misdemeanor charge involves either bodily injury, or fear of imminent bodily injury. Felony aggravated assault or aggravated domestic assault charges are filed in cases involving severe injuries, strangulation, or the use of a weapon.

Domestic violence charges are very serious and have far reaching effects and consequences beyond just the criminal charge. An arrest or conviction for domestic violence may impact your employment. Some professional careers and employers will not hire or continue to employ people with Domestic Violence convictions. A conviction for domestic violence also prevents you from ever owning, purchasing, or legally possessing any firearm. This firearm prohibition is for life.
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